The Blacksburg Partnership is a non-profit, independent economic development organization focused on projects that attract visitors and retail prospects. Partnership projects include the development of property, revitalization of retail districts, special events, and community arts endeavors such as Gobble de Art and the Collaborative for the Arts. The Partnership is also known for three signature events that take place every year: Blacksburg Fork and Cork, a food, wine, and art extravaganza, Blacksburg Brew Do, a craft beer festival and the Virginia Cheese Fest, a homage to fromage.


The Blacksburg Partnership is an economic development partnership between town government, Virginia Tech, and the local business community. The Partnership seeks to foster high quality of life, will promote the Blacksburg area, attract retailers, assist in the planning and development of properties in Blacksburg's commercial and retail districts, facilitate the development process, and participate in commercial development projects.  

The Partnership will seek to create or support projects that might not have a commercial model or create tax revenue, but that improve the overall quality of life in the greater Blacksburg area. 


The Blacksburg Partnership believes that vibrant quality of life undergirds successful economic development.

Livability factors are many, but certainly include attractive community commons, recreational amenities, and diverse commercial or retail sectors.  A town should offer diverse shopping and dining opportunities for citizens and visitors.

Retail is the driver of downtown vitality. But a town’s character is much more than shopping.  Downtowns and other commercial sectors create specialized spaces for communal interaction.  They are places to gather, enjoy entertainment, and participate in civic life.

The Partnership seeks to give action and voice to many recommendations in the town’s master plan.  We will focus on downtown revitalization, business corridor improvements, and retail and urban economic development. 

The Partnership seeks to revitalize and optimize underused existing commercial properties within town limits in order to preserve greenspace and prevent leapfrog development.  Blacksburg’s commercial corridors along North Main Street, Downtown, and South Main Street, along Prices Fork Road, and along University Center Boulevard can and should offer much more to her residents in the form of retail, commercial, and entertainment opportunities.

Quality of life issues often undergird economic development decisions. The Partnership will seek to create or support projects that may not have a commercial model or create tax revenue, but that improve the overall quality of life in the Blacksburg region.  This is consistent with 21st century economic development principles where high quality talent and high quality businesses are drawn to areas with natural beauty that value their surroundings and that support quality of life. 


2016-17 Annual Report

Did You Know?

Blacksburg-based companies Modea (#521), UXB International (#1,854) and Harmonia (#4,800) were named to Inc. Magazines’ list of the "5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States" in 2011.