Improving Your Relationship with Food & Your Body

Feb 14 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Virginia Tech Roanoke Center, 108 N Jefferson St., 7th floor, Roanoke VA 24016

You know what's healthier than kale?

No - not avocado toast.

Having a good relationship with food!

Jennie Zabinsky is the Associate Athletics Director for Sports Nutrition for Virginia Tech Athletics and a registered dietitian. She believes long-term health and well-being involves not only what you eat - but your thoughts and feelings surrounding food and your body.

Grounded in the fundamentals of a non-diet approach, Jennie will discuss the difference between diet mentality and intuitive eating. She will help you understand how to let go of food rules and build a compassionate and flexible mindset around one of life's biggest pleasures - eating!

This event is FREE, but seating is limited. Email Martha Franklin at or register online at to reserve your spot by February 11.

Price: Free
Sponsor: Virginia Tech Roanoke Center
Contact: Martha Franklin
Phone: (540) 767-6100
for more info visit the web at:

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